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What Type of Walls Do I Need for My Landscaping Design?

Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Tuesday, 23 February , 2021
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As part of an overall landscape design, walls of all types can be used to promote functionality and add aesthetic appeal.  However, it is very important, when installing or renovating any type of outdoor wall, that a professional landscape design firm have input.  While it may seem easy to design or build your own retaining walls and other garden features, in reality, there is much more engineering involved than the average home or business owner can handle without help.

Choosing the Right Wall

What type of wall do you need for your project?  This is one of the most important questions you can ask, and it must be answered well in advance of your building plans.  Your landscape designer will consider several factors when choosing the right type of wall for you:

  • Why do you want a wall as part of your landscape design?  Is it strictly for appearance or will it also serve a functional purpose?  Different wall materials are appropriate for different applications.
  • Even with walls that have a strictly utilitarian purpose, such as retaining walls, appearance is important.  Using the right materials will not only allow your wall to stand up to hard use but will also allow you to create a beautiful landscape feature that combines function and curb appeal.
  • Depending on where your wall will be located, certain materials may offer better water flow control, erosion protection, or support for climbing plants and trellises.  The location of your wall will influence your choices of materials as much as the purpose and design of the wall itself.

What Materials Are Best For Landscape Walls?

At Juniper Landscape Company, we have found through years of experience that certain products work well in our area for various applications.  We create both mortared and mortarless block walls, and we offer a wide range of products to our customers.

We are Keystone recommended contractors, so we offer a wide range of products from that line.  Keystone has been making building materials for decades, and we find that their products are flexible, strong, and provide the choice that our clients want in color and texture.  We also use wall material and products from CMU Block masonry, Allan block, and Belgard, as well as specialty products like segmental walls from Orco.

Quality finishing products are important, too.  At Juniper Landscape Company, we finish walls with a wide range of quality materials from Lahabra Stucco, KRC Rock, Southwest Boulder, Eldorado Stone, and Arizona Tile.  Using these quality materials, we can fashion beautiful stone, tile, flagstone, or stucco walls to create any look the client wants.  We can also finish walls with beautiful additions such as planter boxes, lights, and even built-in water features.

The professionals at Juniper Landscape Company love working with our clients to create stunning results.  Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you create walls that will be a last thing of beauty and use for your property.

Juniper Landscape Company is a provider of professional landscaping services in San Diego, we strive to make San Diego a beautiful place by doing business with integrity and creativity.


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