What Can Commercial Landscaping Do For Your Company Brand?

What Can Commercial Landscaping Do For Your Company Brand?

Business landscaping is about much more than just putting in some plants and walkways.  Your outdoor spaces are the first impression visitors to your business receive, so it pays to make a statement.  In fact, outdoor spaces can help you attract customers to your doors and build brand awareness among your clientele.

How Can Landscaping Build Brand Awareness?

Some companies have known this secret for years:  branding is about more than a name.  In fact, everything a company says or does can be critical to building awareness among potential customers and loyalty among existing customers.

Realizing that brand awareness is about more than just the company name is a key moment for any organization.  At that point, business owners start to realize that the look of their offices or stores, the social media posts they make, and every other type of interaction with the public is either building up or tearing down their company’s reputation.  This is true even for landscaping around a building.

When customers arrive at your place of business, do they find welcoming and relaxing scenes and spaces?  There are a few essential items to consider as you assess your business’s outdoor areas:

  • Walkways are critical pieces of your commercial landscape, although they are often overlooked in making landscaping plans.  Walkways should be convenient, clear, and hazard-free, with proper handrails and other necessary features to keep your customers safe at all times.  This sends a message that you are serious about avoiding accidents.
  • Beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs, and grasses welcome customers and send a message that you are concerned about making a good impression.  Environmentally-friendly plants, such as drought-tolerant species, further inform visitors that you care about the health of our planet and are doing your part to conserve our precious resources.
  • Good lighting can change the entire mood of your business’s approach as well as provide safety and security to visitors.  Incorporating strong lighting that discourages theft or vandalism also helps you cut costs and perhaps even save on insurance.
  • Additional features such as fire tables, waterfalls, and ponds add interest to your outdoor areas and invite visitors to relax and enjoy your landscape.  A business that adds these types of features is much more likely to be remembered by clients than one that is bare and uninteresting.  The sounds of trickling water can be soothing, and a fire feature can act as additional heating for chilly afternoons or evenings.  Adding a water or fire feature can also help you integrate a theme into your landscape that will appeal visually to those who come to your business.

Juniper Landscape Professionals are here to help you build your company brand with beautiful outdoor spaces.  No matter what type of company you have, our landscape designers can work with you to develop and maintain lush, relaxing outdoor spaces that get the attention of your customers and increase brand awareness.  Call us today to get started creating functional and appealing outdoor areas your customers will love!