Recent Rains Challenge Business Landscaping

Recent Rains Challenge Business Landscaping

During the past few weeks, record rainfall totals have swept the state due to unusual weather patterns in the Pacific.  While San Diego has been on the lower end of the amount of rain received, concerns have been expressed about the long-term results of the heavy precipitation throughout California.  What can San Diego businesses do to protect their valuable landscape investments during this time? 

Is It the Wettest Year On Record? 

While this year has seen tremendous rainfall amounts throughout the state, San Diego’s rainfall has fortunately been less record-breaking.  While other areas of the state have seen massive flooding, southern California in general, and San Diego in particular, have been spared the worst of the rain.  The storms which caused this heavy precipitation are caused by atmospheric rivers or areas of water vapor that dump rain or snow upon arrival over land.  A string of these so-called rivers has led to storm after storm with very little break.  In central California in particular, some areas stand to set records for total precipitation, but San Diego has escaped so far with about double the average precipitation since October.  Because San Diego normally has relatively little rain, this means that our area will probably not see the flooding and other issues experienced in other parts of the state. 

However, that does not mean that San Diego businesses should relax all together.  Precisely because our area is semi-arid, our landscaping choices are often those that do not fare well in heavy rains.  Here are a few tips to help you decide the best way to protect your plants and outdoor areas. 

  • Evaluate plant choices.  Talk to your professional commercial landscaper about plant choices that are hearty enough to survive both drought and rain.  While everyone wants to have drought-resistant landscaping, it also pays to think about what happens to these plants when there is an excess of moisture.  In some cases, there are better choices for both drought- and rain-resistant varieties. 
  • Fight erosion.  One of the biggest problems associated with heavy rainfall is soil erosion.  It is very important to put measures in place to support and save soil from runoff.  This can be accomplished in several ways, including the terracing of larger beds and retaining walls. 
  • Store water for future use.  A good irrigation system not only provides water for your plants when they need it but may also include ways to store excess rainfall for future use.  Your professional landscape expert can help you explore water storage options to take advantage of periods of high precipitation and keep water on hand to cut your bills and help the environment. 

MSE Landscape will work with your business to help you protect your outdoor investment.  Our professionals can advise you on the best way to protect your plants and ensure that, no matter how much rain we get, your landscaping is safe and thriving.  Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you design, build and maintain the most inviting and beautiful outdoor spaces possible for your business.