Juniper Commercial Landscaping Uses Tested Principles

Juniper Commercial Landscaping Uses Tested Principles

When it comes to landscape enhancement, design, and maintenance, there are certain tried-and-true principles that professional landscapers rely upon to produce excellent results.  These design rules have been used with thousands of commercial projects, and always deliver outstanding results.

What Are The Basic Principles of Commercial Landscape Design?

The rules for designing great commercial landscaping include:

  • Work with and enhance the architecture of the building. One of the most important commercial landscape design principles is to work with what you have to enhance the building’s overall architectural theme.  A good landscape design never competes with the building; instead, it complements it and gives it new life.  For example, a tall, thin building works much better with taller, slender trees than with short, squatty bushes.  A building designed with a Southwestern architectural style will look much more at home with succulent plants than with conifers.   Of course, within these boundaries, there is a wide range of choices to make each design unique.
  • Create safe walkways. One of the most important aspects of any commercial landscape design is the consideration of traffic flow.  Often, a commercial enterprise sees a great deal of foot traffic on any given day, so it is important to have solid, clear walkways that direct people to the building’s entrance.   A good commercial landscape design not only manages traffic flow in a safe way but also lines the walkways with beautiful plants to give visitors a calm, relaxing experience on entering the building.
  • Practice conservation measures. Any good business landscape will conserve both water and energy.  This is not only to help the business owner control expenses but also to show his or her commitment to environmentally friendly practices.  A low-flow, drip irrigation system, coupled with solar or low-voltage lighting, can provide a safe, beautiful, and eco-wise environment for visitors.
  • Consider drainage. Not only is it important to consider how to water plants, but also how to drain water after rain.  Wet concrete can spell trouble for pedestrians, so it is critical to ensure that all irrigation, both natural and man-made, has a good draining system to divert water from walkways and parking areas.
  • Build a brand. Landscape designs become part of the overall experience of visitors to a business.  At a minimum, a commercial landscape plan should have an overall idea or theme that supports the business’s brand and builds positive customer experiences during every interaction.

Juniper Landscape Professionals, Inc., is a commercial landscaping firm based in San Diego, California.  Juniper offers a wide range of quality landscaping goods and services from licensed, certified professionals with years of experience in landscape maintenance and design.  Founded in 2007, we pride ourselves on our professional design, construction, and maintenance services for all types of commercial landscaping jobs.  We offer services for businesses from San Diego to Santa Barbara.   Give us a call today to learn how we can help you design and build the most effective and efficient landscape for your business.