Five Types of Outdoor Lighting For Your Business

Five Types of Outdoor Lighting For Your Business

Landscape lighting can add tremendous value to your commercial property.  Not only does outdoor lighting make your property safer for visitors, but it also attracts potential clients and gives a wonderful first impression of your company.

Five Lighting Options for Businesses

There are five types of outdoor lighting that you might consider when thinking about a lighting plan for your business landscape.  These include:

  • One of the most popular options for outdoor business lighting is spotlights.  Spots can be trained on particular areas of your building to highlight the beautiful architecture, company logos or signs, or even entrance and exit routes.  Additionally, up and downlights along the building can soften the glare effect of traditional spotlights and, with the addition of colored filters, can create a work of art for your business building.
  • Floodlights. Floodlights and security lights make your property safer.  They cut down on crime and create an area of instant safety.  Floodlights can also be used to discourage marauding animals, such as raccoons or skunks, that may target your property at night.  Motion detectors added to flood lights are one of the best ways to discourage after-hours visits by people and animals alike.
  • Step Lights. Lights embedded into steps help people avoid trips and falls.  Step lighting can be as subdued as you like, and various shapes and sizes of step lights allow you to integrate them into your overall landscape plan. 
  • Bollard Lights. Bollard lights are set into the tops of posts.  Like step lights, they often illuminate a walkway or path but have the advantage of being higher off the ground, which makes them more noticeable.  Various types of posts are available to allow you to choose the style that best works with your architecture and style.
  • Garden Lights/String Lights. Various types of string or garden lights are suited for use on a patio or deck and offer a fun, festive touch to your outdoor planning.  Combining garden and string lights with various plantings can create a beautiful oasis for your retail store or restaurant that is attractive to customers, encouraging them to spend time at your business.

Safety and Functionality of Outdoor Lighting

While you want your business to have great curb appeal, an attractive appearance is not the primary reason for putting in outdoor lighting.  One of the major benefits of adding landscape lighting is an increase in the safety and functionality of your property.

By adding lighting, you make your outdoor areas brighter and safer for visitors.  You can cut down on the number of potential accidents as well as discourage dangerous criminals from targeting your visitors.  Outdoor lighting makes your company more beautiful and safer for you and everyone else.

At Juniper Landscape, we work with our business partners to design and build the best landscaping options for commercial properties.  By working with our friendly professionals, you can find the right landscape options to fit your budget and bring better form and function to your outdoor spaces.  Remember–your company’s appearance is part of your brand, so talk to Juniper Landscape today to learn more about how to make your business beautiful with landscape design!