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Enjoy the Summer With an Outdoor Barbeque

Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Monday, 6 April , 2020

A barbeque sets the table for you to enjoy a home-cooked meal, time with your friends and family, and the outdoors – all at the same time.

We’re now officially in grillin’ season, so in this issue, the San Diego landscape professionals with Juniper Landscape Company will share tips on what you should consider including in your outdoor grilling area and where you should place the whole thing.

What to Include in Your Barbeque Set-Up

Beyond the tongs, spatulas, and meat thermometer, it’s important to think about actual cooking equipment. Sturdiness, safety, and appearance are the keywords when making your selections.

With that in mind, the traditional “grill on wheels” is most likely not your best choice. Instead, the way to go is with a built-in cooking area. In addition to giving you a host of options for fuel (charcoal, wood, gas or pellet), a built-in cooking area will look as if it were specifically made for your home.

For more prep space area, a roiling cart or small butch block table would do the trick.

It’s also a good idea to think about installing a low-voltage lighting system so that you and your guests can still enjoy the party long after the sun sets.

Where to Place Your Barbeque

Because a barbeque is essentially an open fire when in use, it’s crucial you be aware of your surroundings when it’s in operation.

The key is to place your barbeque on a flat and level surface – away from hedges, low-hanging limbs, and areas containing mulch.

Also, consider placing your barbeque in an area that receives a lot of shade during the day; no one wants to stand over a hot grill in direct sunlight!

For Help With Your San Barbeque Needs, Call Juniper Landscape Company.

There are few things better than a summertime cookout with people you love. We want to help you make those memories, so get in touch with Juniper Landscape Company today about your outdoor living and entertainment needs.

We can help you decide from a wide variety of grill and accessory options, and install the whole thing for you.

Call us at 619-334-9464, let us give you a free estimate, or get in touch via email.

Juniper Landscape Company is a provider of professional landscaping services in San Diego, we strive to make San Diego a beautiful place by doing business with integrity and creativity.


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